Let's face it!

The choice is the hardest part about food. And with so much choice, where do you start! Well, have you tried City Manoosh Bakehouse? We all love those tasty middle eastern tastes. They are not just delicious but amazingly healthy too. At City Manoosh Bakehouse, we have those amazing Arabic flavours to complete anyone's hunger. It is the humble kebab on a whole new level, meeting the world of Italian pizza just better.

Our flavours are Amazing

We call it mezze, and it is so full of flavour. We say it is best shared; however, once you taste it, you may not want to share it all!

Feeling Hungry Let's Eat

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Feeling like something spicy?

Well, why not try one of our Chilli Sauces? You can have it Sweet, Hot, or our house styled Harissa, a spicy red pepper sauce.

Vampire hater! Garlic Lovers! be prepared!

There is Garlic, and then there is Toum. And if you love Garlic, you'll love Toum. It what we call our extra strong Garlic Sauce and goes well with so many of our dishes. Try dipping one of our famous falafel in it. Wow! On a first date! And don't want to ruin that first kiss! No problem!Try a 200-year-old recipe for Hummus Tahina made with love. Every time you taste it, you can feel the love.

Feeling like something Cheesy!

Well, you've come to the right place. You'll love our Halloumi wraps filled with all the thing you love falafels, tomatoes or olives they choice is always yours.

There is nothing worse than a hungry man?

We've got the best. Meats Juicy, Chicken, Lamb succulent Beef cooked with that authentic middle eastern taste everyone loves. Just add the one of our amazing dips, my friends. The problem is solved.

It's going to be hard not to fall in love.

What is missing? The delicious sides, of course. Blow your mind with our Fresh Salads, Tabouli, Marinated Olives, Pickled Vegetables, all of which will drive your taste buds wild. This food is on a whole new level.

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